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PTV is introducing a new-look myki card

16 Oct 2014

PTV is introducing a new-look myki card onto Victoria’s public transport network.

The new-look myki is dark grey and will be available for all passenger types. It features PTV’s network branding design, PTV’s updated contact information, and a blank strip for customers to write their name for identification.

The new card is used in exactly the same way as current cards, and the same card fees apply.

The new-look myki will make distribution and stock holding simpler for retailers and station window staff as they no longer need to carry four different types of cards.

Distributing four separate card types across the network increases delivery costs for PTV. The single card design streamlines the process of ordering and handling cards for operator and retail outlets, and reduces the overall amount of stock they need to hold on site.

There is no need to update your current myki to keep using public transport. Green and grey cards will be used on the network for the next four years when the last green cards expire.

For more information, see Buying your myki or call 1800 800 007.