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PTV releases GTFS version of timetable data

01 Apr 2015

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) continues to meet its commitment to provide access to transport data with the release today of timetable information in GTFS (General Transit Feed Specification) format.

This follows the release of the same data in API (Application Programming Interface) format in March 2014, and will enable developers and Google to use the information in their online and digital transport products.

The release of PTV timetable data in GTFS format will further drive innovation in the digital application space.

PTV is committed to providing access to our data to enable developers to create innovative apps for our customers and the general public.

While PTV has its own apps, we want to encourage others to use our information to develop products that fill a niche within the market, potentially integrating our data with other data sets to create inventive and useful products for customers.

PTV is also hosting an open access event for the developer community in mid-2015.

This will comprise a series of data innovation events and workshops which will enable developers to get an understanding of public transport in Victoria, with the aim of producing in-market digital products by the end of the year.

For more information on PTV's data, see Digital.