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V/Line pick up and set down rules made consistent

03 Jun 2015

In a move to end confusing rules and inequity for some V/Line customers, a consistent pick up and set down policy will be introduced across the network.

From Sunday 21 June 2015, customers using Sunbury and Pakenham stations will be required to board Metro services when travelling to and from the city.

This has long been the case for people using stations such as Sunshine, Broadmeadows and Dandenong.

For V/Line trains heading out of the City, Sunbury and Pakenham stations will be designated as “pick up” only. For V/Line trains heading to the city, these stations will be “set down” only.

This rule is being applied to coincide with the new V/Line timetable and the start of Regional Rail Link, which will see more regional services entering the metropolitan network.

The vast majority of Pakenham and Sunbury customers already travel on the more frequent Metro services, meaning very few people will be affected by this change.

Introducing this consistency across the network will provide customers with a reliable timetable and help reduce delays in the metropolitan area.