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Open access event delivers new transport apps

09 Jul 2015

Public Transport Victoria’s (PTV) open access event, VicTripathon, has ended with a tie between the Bound For and Movem apps, both being crowned best improved user experience products following a one month development phase.

The VicTripathon competition, launched on 27 May, was designed to create awareness of PTV’s freely available datasets and encourage digital developers to use PTV’s data to create products to assist customers.

More than 10 teams entered the competition, competing for three grand prizes.

Other Grand Prize winner was app, Next Departures.

PTV Chief Executive Officer, Mark Wild, congratulated all 13 finalists of the competition.

“What an amazing experience VicTripathon has been, with the digital community coming up with some truly creative and innovative products over the past month,” Mr Wild said.

“This competition has shown that we have some great talent here in Australia and I congratulate everyone who took part.”

Grand Prize 3

Awarded to one team on the basis of best improvement to user experience using any PTV API dataset.

Winner: Bound For

A simplified journey planner for regular commuters, enabling users to set a number of defined journeys such as ‘home’ or ‘work’. The best route would then be calculated to the end destination no matter where the starting point is.

Grand Prize 2

Awarded to one team on the basis of best improvement to user experience using the new PTV Timetable API dataset.

Winner: Next Departures

An app that enables you to check the closest public transport stops from where you are, also allowing you to save favourite stops and track when you are about to arrive at your destination.

Grand Prize 1

Awarded to one team who has completed the Incubator program on the basis of Best improvement to user experience.

In a surprise result, the Incubator grand prize was split between 2 competitors

Winners: Bound For and Movem

Movem: A simple journey planner app that allows for crowd-sourcing to determine train service capacity, based on user feedback such as seat availability.

The VicTripathon event kicked off with an idea sprint to highlight what customer problems could be solved by a digital product.

This then led to a weekend tech jam, where participants were required to concept and present their product idea to a panel of judges who then nominated winners to enter an incubator program.

The incubator was a unique addition to the competition and was created specifically to support new developers in getting their product market ready.

A secondary entry stream enabled other developers directly and compete for the other two grand prizes.

Some of the apps are now available in the iTunes app store, however please note that PTV does not endorse or provide support for any app using its data. You must always refer to the app creator for any queries and feedback.

For more information on the competition winners and participants, visit the VicTripathon website.

For more information on PTV's datasets, see Digital.

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