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New bus lanes on Victoria Parade

14 Sep 2015

Important information about updated bus timetables on Victoria Parade

Updated: 14 September 2015

Victoria Parade has new dedicated bus lanes. Timetables for services that use these lanes - 302, 303, 304, 305, 309, 318, 350, 905, 906, 907 and 908 - are being updated with the new timetables which come into effect on 20 September 2015.

Updated timetables were due to come into operation from Sunday 23 August but were delayed to ensure the data required for real-time bus information was accurate for our customers.

From 20 September, Bus services will now move more smoothly and reliably through the Victoria Parade section of their journey where they will have full priority, in both directions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As well as creating the bus lanes, bus stops along Victoria Parade have been upgraded making them safer and more accessible for all members of the community.

Stops at St Vincent’s Hospital, previously only serviced by the 402, will now be serviced by more routes.

To accommodate the new bus lanes there will be a small change to the existing route.

Buses will no longer travel along Albert and Gisborne Streets, they will travel along Spring Street. Having buses use Spring Street to connect with Victoria Parade means an additional 11 bus routes will service the St Vincent’s Hospital bus stops.

There will also be some other service changes:

  • The recently added 303 stop at Doncaster Park & Ride will become a permanent stop
  • Afternoon timetables for routes 282, 364 and 380 will be slightly adjusted to better meet the needs of schools

New stops to the city are located on Victoria Parade:

  • Between Simpson Street and Hoddle Street (Approximately 40m east of Simpson Street).
  • Between Clarendon Street and Eades Street (Approximately 50m west of Clarendon Street) - Freemasons Medical Centre.
  • Between Lansdowne Street and Morrison Place (Approximately 60m east of Morrison Place) - Eye and Ear Hospital.
  • Between Spring Street and Nicholson Street (Approximately 30m west of Nicholson Street) - St Vincent’s Hospital.

New stops from the city are located on Victoria Parade:

  • Between Nicholson Street and Fitzroy Street (Approximately 20m east of Nicholson Street) - St Vincent’s Hospital.
  • Between Young Street and Napier Street (Approximately 15m east of Young Street) - Australian Catholic University.
  • Between Smith Street and Cambridge Street (Approximately 100m west of Smith Street).
  • Between Cromwell Street and Islington Street (Approximately 40m west of Cromwell Street).

Victoria Parade bus change map

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Victoria Parade bus change map

All routes will have minor timetable adjustments, check your timetable for service times.