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Next generation myki reader trial on E-Class tram

02 Dec 2015

Next-generation myki readers have been installed on an E-Class tram as part of a trial to improve the customer experience and enable more people to get onboard trams faster.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan announced the beginning of the trial today which, if successful, would see all readers across the E-Class fleet upgraded.

Trialling next-generation myki readers provides Public Transport Victoria (PTV) the opportunity to assess the technology for future use across the E-Class fleet.

The next-generation myki readers are faster and will improve passenger flow on Melbourne’s busiest trams and routes.

The trial E-Class tram will operate on Route 11 and passengers will notice only minor differences in the way they touch on their myki.

While the readers may look slightly different, the action of using the new readers is the same as the old and passengers touch their myki to the digital screen instead of touching below the screen.

When passengers touch on successfully the screen flashes green and displays a tick with the customers card balance. If a passenger can’t touch on successfully because they have a negative balance the screen flashes red and displays a cross and the card balance.

The screens also provide basic text information alerting passengers to why their touch on has been successful or not.

The trial begins 30 November and will run for a minimum of four months.