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myki machines get a facelift

04 Jul 2016

‚ÄčThroughout 2016 Public Transport Victoria has been progressively upgrading myki vending machines to make them better than ever.

All myki vending machines now feature contactless payment capability, meaning passengers can make faster payments using Visa or Mastercard contactless credit cards or via Apple Pay on their mobile.

Over the coming months, myki vending machines are going under the knife for some improvements which will see the introduction of a new look and improved user interface.

As part of this, myki machines will also receive updated braille to improve accessibility as well as glare-proof screens in selected locations.

These enhancements will keep myki vending machines up to date with the other ways passengers use their credit cards, including card payment industry security standards.

They also ensure that myki machines are as accessible and usable as possible.

Upgrades will be made to myki vending machines throughout 2016, with minimal impact on machine availability expected for passengers.

The easiest way to make sure your myki is always ready before you travel is still to set up auto top up online.

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