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Real time now available on trains, trams and buses

20 Oct 2016

Public transport users can now access real time departure information across Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses via mobile and online.

Minister for Public Transport Jacinta Allan announced today that the metropolitan train users will now benefit from the same access to real time departure information already enjoyed by users of Melbourne's trams and buses.

From today, you can remotely access real time information on how many minutes until the next train departure, platform numbers and cancellations. Previously train commuters could only access timetabled departure times.

By accessing the information through the Next 5 feature on the PTV app and website, you can make more informed travel decisions such as whether to leave earlier, stay longer or change their travel plans entirely.

The addition of real time information for trains means you can avoid rushing for the next train and can avoid unnecessary waiting at platforms or stations, especially late at night.

If you're changing between modes or train lines, you will be able to see up to the minute information on the next connecting service, or make decisions on which mode links best for onward travel.

Existing PTV app users will see real time information for trains automatically appear in their menu options but will need to download the latest update to the PTV App to benefit from additional train platform and cancellation information. The updated PTV app is available free of charge from Google Play or the iTunes store.

The Next 5 feature can also be found on the PTV website.