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Reimbursement for Gippsland line passengers due to accidental damage

24 May 2018

Due to unforeseen suspension of the Gippsland line as a result of third-party damage to a signalling cable, passengers will be reimbursed for their travel during the suspension.

V/Line passengers on the Gippsland line affected by the disruption will be reimbursed for travel from midday Thursday (24/05) and all day Friday (25/05).

To receive the reimbursement, passengers travelling along the Gippsland line will need to touch on at myki enabled stations at the beginning and end of their journey or retain their paper ticket.

Eligible Gippsland line passengers can apply for the reimbursement by contacting the call centre on 1800 800 007, in person at a station or completing our online reimbursement form.

When filling out the form, passengers will need to enter the details of their ticket and select “Special Consideration" as the reimbursement request option, and provide their dates of travel.

Applications for reimbursement will be open until Sunday, 10 June 2018.