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New contracts improving passenger experience

03 Jan 2019

One year on, PTV’s new contracts for Melbourne’s train and tram operators are delivering a better overall passenger experience for you.

Greater investment in maintenance has seen train faults on the metropolitan network drop almost 20 per cent, and infrastructure faults reduce by almost 30 per cent.

Tram cancellations, and short running - where trams don’t complete their full route - have also decreased by 25 per cent.

More investment in rolling stock, better training for frontline staff, clearer passenger announcements, extra Passenger Information Displays (PIDS), and a greater focus on cleaning and graffiti removal, have all contributed to a rise in passenger satisfaction.

Yarra Trams has seen a 15 per cent drop in complaints compared to a year ago, including a 40 per cent reduction in complaints about passenger information.

This is supported by the results of our independent Customer Satisfaction Survey which shows metropolitan train and tram satisfaction levels trending upwards, with trains recording a 22-year high in the November 2018 quarter.

The introduction of passenger experience measures and mystery shoppers into the new contracts is also providing an extra measure to monitor the performance of operators.

Since January 2018, a team of 22 experienced mystery shoppers have been conducting around 1,000 observational surveys on metropolitan trains and stations every quarter, and around 1,300 surveys across trams and tram stops during the same period.