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Free travel on the Gippsland line from Thursday 2 January to Sunday 26 January 2020

02 Jan 2020

UPDATE: Trains resume on the Gippsland Line from Monday 27 January. Thanks for your patience during the works.

These works were originally scheduled to end on Thursday 30 January. As free travel was offered to Gippsland passengers while coaches replaced buses, this will cease when trains resume normal running. Passengers should touch on and off or purchase paper tickets as normal when trains resume on Monday morning. Long distance paper tickets that were booked for next week under the free travel policy will be honoured. Any bookings made from today onward will need to be paid for.

Coaches replace all Bairnsdale and Traralgon trains from Thursday 2 January to Sunday 26 January 2020, due to works on the Metro Tunnel and construction of the new Avon River Bridge. 

During this time, Gippsland passengers who are travelling on replacement coaches will receive free travel.

To find out more about service changes, see Bairnsdale and Traralgon lines: Coaches replace trains from Thursday 2 January to Sunday 26 January 2020

Gippsland passengers

Coaches will replace all trains on the Gippsland line from Thursday 2 January to Sunday 26 January 2020.

If you're a Traralgon Line passenger boarding a replacement coach, you'll travel for free. Don’t touch on or off with your myki.

If you're a Bairnsdale Line passenger, you'll also receive free travel on replacement coaches and are asked to book a seat for these services in advance, through the normal reservation process.

If you're continuing your travel on a metropolitan train, tram or bus in Zone 1+2, or town buses in the Gippsland region, you'll receive a V/Line weekly paper ticket for free onward travel.

If your journey starts from a premium metropolitan station outside the disrupted area, ask station staff for a paper ticket for a single or return journey to Gippsland. This paper ticket can also be used for metropolitan travel in Zone 1+2.  

If your journey starts from a non-premium metropolitan station outside the disrupted area, touch on and off as normal. You’ll be able to collect a V/Line paper ticket on your return and claim a reimbursement for your initial journey. Simply complete the reimbursement form online.

Travelling with a myki Pass

If you travel with a weekly, monthly or annual myki Pass, avoid buying or activating your next myki Pass if possible. Don’t touch on or off.

If you have an active myki Pass that covers the free travel period, you'll automatically be reimbursed. You'll be eligible if you regularly travel on the part of the line that is affected, and your myki Pass includes days overlapping with the free travel period. We will automatically reimburse these unused days back to you.

If you’re travelling from destinations on the V/Line network other than the Gippsland line, you’ll only be eligible for free travel on the Gippsland section of your trip.  Free Travel V/Net tickets are valid for the entire week, so you'll only need to collect one ticket. 

Free travel V/Net tickets

The V/Line paper tickets will be accepted by station staff, drivers and Authorised Officers as a ticket for travel on metropolitan trains, trams and buses in Zone 1+2.  Please ensure you present V/Line weekly paper ticket when requested by these staff members.