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The new PTV app is here

06 Oct 2020

We’ve completely re-built the PTV app to improve its usability and provide a better experience for the 4 million customers who use the app each year.

The new PTV app has a cleaner, clearer and more intuitive design, making it much easier for users to find and personalise the information they need.

Journey planning features have been enhanced to include fare information, dynamic mapping and better integrated disruption information to help passengers plan all aspects of their journey.

The new app is also fully accessible - including a large font view and voice over capability – so customers with accessibility requirements will no longer need to use a separate app. 

On Thursday 17 December new updates and improvements were made to the PTV app.

Within the app, customers can now track their metropolitan train live on the dynamic map, as well as manage their myki account. This includes:

  • Log in to your myki account
  • Register a new myki to your account
  • Check your myki Money balance or your myki Pass status
  • Set up auto top up
  • View your travel history
  • Forget password reset
  • Forget username reminder

Other features previously released to the app include:

  • Top up your myki from within the app
  • Track your bus live
  • See stations, stops, myki retailers near to me or near to a location
  • myki fare estimates for a journey plan
  • Easy navigation to earlier/later services when planning a journey
  • Route numbers are visible within journey planner
  • Quick access to myki outlet locations
  • Save a favourite location (eg. ‘Home’, ‘Work’)
  • See and receive travel alerts relating to a particular stop/station or route

If a customer already has the app installed on their device, it will automatically update if that setting is enabled on their phone. Otherwise, customers will receive a prompt to update the app.

For more information and to download the new PTV app, see Mobile apps.

The PTV app is available for both Android (Google Play) and iPhone (iOS App store).