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Extra bus services between Oakleigh Station and Chadstone Shopping Centre

27 Nov 2020

Extra shuttle bus services will be running between Oakleigh Station and Chadstone Shopping Centre from Friday 27 November to Tuesday 26 January to give passengers more travel options during the summer holidays.

Shuttle bus services will run on weekdays, weekends and public holidays approximately every 14 minutes. On Boxing Day they'll run approximately every 7 minutes.

Services will run between 8am and 10pm most weekdays and Saturdays and between 9am and 8pm most Sundays.

Hours will be extended from 7am/8am to 1am for busy shopping days such as Black Friday sales (Friday 27 November to Sunday 29 November), Boxing Day sales (Satuday 26 December to Monday 28 December) and in the lead up to Christmas Day.

Shuttle bus services will depart from:

Oakleigh Station
The existing bus stop for routes 800, 802, 804, and 862 on the westbound side of Portman Street.

At Chadstone Shopping Centre
The existing bus stop for Route 742 on the centre island (Bay 6).

Bus routes 625, 742, 800, 802, 804, 862, 900 and 903 also regularly run between Oakleigh Station and Chadstone Shopping Centre every day. Use our Journey planner or check Timetables to plan your journey.

As our bus drivers are no longer accepting cash, remember to check your myki is topped up before you travel. There are plenty of cashless ways to top up your myki, including on our website and in the new PTV app.