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Off peak fare discount on public transport

01 Dec 2020

Public transport fares outside of peak times will be discounted from Sunday 31 January to Friday 27 August 2021, encouraging metropolitan passengers to choose to travel during the quieter periods of the day.

The 30 per cent discount will be available for passengers using myki Money to pay for their trips between 9.30am and 4pm or after 7pm on weekdays.

Passengers must touch on and off on metropolitan trains, trams and buses in order to receive the automatic discount.

This discount is only valid for myki Money and for travel on weekdays within Zone 1 and Zone 1+2. It will not apply to travel that is already discounted, including travelling wholly within Zone 2, on the weekend or public holidays.

This metropolitan discount is in line with a 30 per cent off-peak discount that is already available on the V/Line regional train network.

For more information on the off peak fare offer, visit myki Money.