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Route 246 turn up and go trial and additional routes testing frequency timetables

01 Mar 2021

Route 246 turn up and go trial from Monday 1 March 2021

From Monday 1 March 2021, Route 246 buses will run to a 10 minute 'turn up and go' frequency between 7am and 7pm on weekdays as part of a new trial.

This means buses will operate with the traffic along the route and no longer slow down or wait at bus stops if they are running ahead of schedule, which is expected to improve travel time for passengers.

Buses will still depart from the Clifton Hill terminus and Elsternwick terminus at their scheduled time.

Passengers using Route 246 can use the PTV app or website to find their bus stop and see the real time arrival of the next service.

Find out more on how to track your metropolitan bus service live on a map on our app and website.

Route 246 buses will run to the normal timetable at all other times during the week and on weekends.

Additional bus routes testing frequency timetables

For many years, selected tram stops and university shuttle bus stops have displayed timetable information as a frequency rather than specific times (e.g. every 8 minutes).

This approach is now being tested at stops on selected high frequency bus routes:

  • Route 250/251 – Southbound Clifton Hill to City only (weekdays during the day at a 10 minute frequency)
  • Route 402 – Full route (weekdays during the day at a 10 minute frequency)
  • Route 513 – Westbound Heidelberg to Glenroy only (weekdays during the day at a 15 minute frequency)
  • University shuttle services 401, 601 and 301 (every 3 to 10 minutes depending on the route and time of the day)

These buses will continue to follow timetables.

If these routes do change to a ‘turn up and go’ service like Route 246, additional information will be provided to help passengers plan their journey.

Staff will be surveying passengers on these for feedback during the trial. Passengers can also provide feedback via the PTV website feedback form.

UPDATED: Friday 23 July 2021