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Contactless payment coming to myki machines

23 Dec 2015

PTV is upgrading myki machines to be EMV (Europay Visa Mastercard) compliant.

myki machines will be upgraded to feature new pin pads with contactless payment capability and EMV compliance for enhanced security.

The upgrade will take place on a rolling basis over early 2016 and will be conducted during off-peak to minimise any possible disruption to customers.

Contactless payment capability will ensure an improved customer experience when using myki machines.

In addition to topping up at a myki machine, customers can also register for auto top up, meaning they will always be ready to travel. You can set up auto top up online.

Auto top up means myki money customers can ‘set and forget’, with an automatic top up to take place whenever their balance falls below a chosen minimum threshold.

Customers are encouraged to use alternative top up locations such as retail outlets if they would normally top up when the machine at their station is being upgraded.

To find a participating retail outlet near you visit the myki retail outlets page.