Industrial action: Thursday, 10 September 2015

Added: 9 September 2015

Updated at 4.10pm: Industrial action has now ended and trams have resumed regular timetables.

Industrial action has been confirmed for Thursday, 10 September, and trams will not operate between 10am and 2pm. Services will be significantly disrupted either side of this time.

Customers seeking to travel by tram during this time are urged to plan ahead and consider alternative methods.

This industrial action is not affecting train and bus services, which will run as normal, but which are expected to be busier than usual.

  • Prior to 10am: Tram services will operate but significant disruptions are expected from 9am as trams will be gradually withdrawn from service.
  • 10am to 2pm: Tram services will not run.
  • 2pm onwards: Tram services will resume but disruptions are expected.

For details on last tram services operating on each tram routes, click here.

Limited bus replacement services will be available and customers should plan ahead and consider alternative means of travel.

PTV will continue to keep customers informed about developments.

Replacement bus services

Limited bus replacement services will be available.

Map of replacement bus services (PDF) 1.13 MB

For other alternative transport, see Alternative travel information

First and last services

These are the last and first full length service trams for all routes. Time of the last and first trip is from terminus to terminus. 

Trams will operate after this time, but the length of their trip will vary to ensure trams are in the depots by 10am. For example, trams will leave the terminus after the time posted below but will only complete part of the route. These trams will display an 'a' after the route number to show that it is an altered service (eg. 96a).

Route Direction Last tram First tram
1 to East Coburg 8.25am - 9.17am
2.56pm - 3.51pm
to South Melbourne 7.35am - 8.30am 2.19pm - 3.12pm
3 to Melbourne Uni 7.17am - 8.21am 2.32pm - 3.34pm
to East Malvern 7.53am - 8.57am 3.02pm - 4.03pm
5 to Melbourne Uni 7.35am - 8.31am 2.23pm - 3.13pm
to Malvern 8.23am - 9.15am 2.54pm - 3.46pm
6 to Melbourne Uni 7.42am - 8.39am 2.27pm - 3.18pm
to Glen Iris 8.03am - 8.59am 2.58pm - 3.53pm
8 to Moreland 8.14am - 9.24am 2.14pm - 3.23pm
to Toorak 8.17am - 9.24am 2.12pm - 3.21pm
11 to West Preston 8.18am - 9.07am 2.59pm - 3.52pm
to Victoria Harbour Docklands 7.36am - 8.35am 2.31pm - 3.20pm
12 to Victoria Gardens 7.46am - 8.38am 2.38pm - 3.27pm
to St Kilda/Fitzroy Street
8.01am - 8.52am 2.47pm - 3.36pm
16 to Melbourne Uni 6.47am - 8.10am 2.31pm - 4.00pm
to Kew 7.28am - 9.00am 3.13pm - 4.43pm
19 to North Coburg 8.37am - 9.16am 2.38pm - 3.25pm
to Flinders Street Station
8.09am - 8.54am 2.19pm - 3.02pm
30 to St Vincent's Plaza 8.23am - 8.41am 2.23pm - 2.41pm
to Waterfront City Docklands 8.48am - 9.05am 2.39pm - 2.56pm
(City Circle)
clockwise - 2.26pm - 3.22pm
anticlockwise - 2.35pm - 3.31pm
48 to North Balwyn 8.06am - 8.58am 2.44pm - 3.38pm
to Victoria Harbour Docklands 7.42am - 8.50am 2.34pm - 3.26pm
55 to West Coburg 8.06am - 8.49am 2.41pm - 3.27pm
to Domain Interchange 7.40am - 8.30am 2.48pm - 3.33pm
57 to West Maribyrnong 8.22am - 9.05am 2.37pm - 3.20pm
to Flinders Street Station
8.06am - 8.55am 2.36pm - 3.21pm
59 to Airport West 8.03am - 8.53am 2.33pm - 3.24pm
to Flinders Street Station 8.05am - 9.01am 2.43pm - 3.32pm
64 to Melbourne Uni 7.19am - 8.25am 2.20pm - 3.19pm
to East Brighton 8.02am - 9.03am 3.00pm - 4.01pm
67 to Melbourne Uni 7.19am - 8.28am 2.23pm - 3.29pm
to Carnegie 7.58am - 9.04am 3.08pm - 4.14pm
70 to Wattle Park 7.53am - 8.56am 2.55pm - 4.02pm
to Waterfront City Docklands 7.30am - 8.39am 2.21pm - 3.21pm
72 to Melbourne Uni 7.24am - 8.38am 2.46pm - 3.56pm
to Camberwell 7.27am - 8.40 am 2.55pm - 4.11pm
75 to Vermont South 7.26am - 8.48 am 3.06pm - 4.36pm
To Etihad Stadium Docklands 6.59am - 8.27 am 2.46pm - 4.08pm
78 to North Richmond 8.02am - 8.40am 2.27pm - 2.59pm
to Balaclava 8.35am - 9.06am 3.10pm - 3.44pm
82 to Footscray 8.35am - 9.06am 2.20pm - 2.49pm
to Monee Ponds 8.00am - 8.29am 2.56pm - 3.25pm
86 to Bundoora RMIT 7.30am - 8.51am 3.15pm - 4.46pm
to Waterfront City Docklands 6.59am - 8.21am 2.34pm - 3.59pm
96 to East Brunswick 7.46am - 8.42am 2.37pm - 3.32pm
to St Kilda Beach 8.06am - 9.01am 2.51pm - 3.46pm
109 to Box Hill 7.35am - 8.47am 2.51pm - 4.06pm
to Port Melbourne 7.18am - 8.33am 2.45pm - 3.54pm