PTV and V/Line sign new Services Agreement

Added: 19 December 2013

PTV and V/Line have entered into a new three-year Services Agreement for the delivery of passenger services across the regional train and coach network.

The Services Agreement reflects the shared objectives of PTV and V/Line and sets up a cooperative partnership.  The aim is to deliver continuous improvements in service punctuality and reliability, customer service, intermodal connectivity and efficiency.

PTV and V/Line have agreed on a significant program of reform to enhance the cost-effectiveness of V/Line while improving the customer experience.

If in any quarter V/Line falls below its performance thresholds on any rail corridor, the agreement includes measures where issues may be addressed through a management plan.

The challenging but achievable improvement targets or each year are expected to result in continuous improvements for passengers over the duration of the Services Agreement.

V/Line will continue public reporting against the existing punctuality and reliability measures, for the purpose of customer compensation.

V/Line Services Agreement (PDF) 6.28 MB