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Regional fare cap

14 Feb 2023

The regional fare cap is coming and will soon deliver cheaper public transport fares to transform the way you can travel across the state.

Starting 31 March 2023, the fare cap will bring more affordable and accessible public transport to a greater number of people, supporting Victoria’s reputation as a liveable and sustainable state.

To make the most of the new fare caps, make sure you:

The fare cap will encourage Victorians to connect with family and friends and reduce the cost of travel between regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne for everything from events and shopping to appointments and employment.

What is the regional fare cap?

The new regional fare cap reduces the cost of a weekday daily ticket on the public transport network to $9.20 for a full fare or $4.60 concession. It also extends the Weekend Saver cap for travel on Victoria’s regional network, meaning that on weekends and public holidays, your daily myki Money fare is capped at $6.70 ($3.35 concession).
Regional commuters who use a myki Pass (either the 7-day pass or the 28–365-day pass) will also have their fares capped at the Melbourne Zone 1 + 2 rate (currently $46 per week for the 7-day pass, or $5.52 a day for the 28–365-day pass).

When will the regional fare cap start?

This regional fare cap will begin on 31 March 2023.

What fare will I pay when travelling prior to 31 March?

Until 31 March 2023, passengers will continue to pay the existing fares. The regional fare cap of $9.20 per day starts on 31 March 2023.

Is the regional fare cap permanent or temporary?

The regional fare cap will be permanent from 31 March 2023, aligning the cost of regional Victorian fares with Melbourne travel.

I have already purchased my ticket for travel on or after 31 March. Will I get a refund?

If you purchased V/Line tickets either online or via the call centre, you will be refunded the fare difference automatically back onto the credit/debit card that was used. You don’t have to do anything, simply hold onto your ticket and travel as per normal.

If you purchased V/Line tickets from a V/Line station or Ticket agent, please return to a V/Line station to receive a refund on the fare difference after bookings reopen.