Trial of all-night public transport on weekends

Added: 6 August 2015

In 2016, the Victorian Government will undertake a trial of all-night public transport on weekends.

The one-year trial will provide all-night public transport for the thousands of people who go out at night on a weekend, as well as shift workers who may currently have limited means of getting to and from work by public transport. 

The trial will find out whether new public transport options will be good for our economy, our workers and our community.

About the one-year trial

The trial will commence on 1 January 2016 and will include trains, trams and buses, as well as coaches to regional centres.

  • Metro trains: Trains will depart hourly from Flinders Street Station on all lines (except Stony Point and Flemington Racecourse). Many stations will benefit from multiple trains each hour, where they are serviced by two or more train lines.
  • Trams: Trams will operate every 30 minutes on routes 19, 67, 75, 86, 96 and 109. This will provide wide coverage across Melbourne as well as servicing key night-time precincts and the major streets in the CBD grid.
  • Night bus network: Night buses will provide a revamped and improved bus service with around 20 overnight routes. The night bus network will have a  mix of routes operating from the city, and others providing suburban connections from train stations and suburban night-time hubs.
  • V/Line: V/Line coaches will depart from Southern Cross Station around 2am, bound for Bendigo, Ballarat, Traralgon and Geelong.

To support the trial, 109 additional PSOs and 62 extra Transit Police will be deployed on the network.

Standard myki fares will apply during the trial.

Evaluating the success of the trial

Throughout the trial, the patronage and popularity of the different modes, routes and timetables will be measured, and community feedback will be sought to help inform the outcome of the trial.

If successful, 24-hour weekend public transport will be continued and expanded where necessary.