A new, better bus network for Bendigo

Bendigo’s new bus network, will provide more frequent, coordinated and direct services to more places in Bendigo and surrounding areas.

The new network, which will start on 31 January 2016, delivers new and improved services for Spring Gully, Huntly, Eaglehawk, Jackass Flat and Epsom.

Key features will include:

  • A new cross town service will run from Huntly to Kangaroo Flat, and a new route will run to Jackass Flat and service growth areas in Strathfieldsaye and Huntly.
  • Buses will be better coordinated with trains, and three routes will run to La Trobe University, including a new fast, direct and frequent service from Bendigo Station.
  • Buses will run every 30-60 minutes on most routes, but a more frequent service will run between Bendigo and Eaglehawk town centre every 15 minutes on weekdays.
  • The new Bendigo bus network is the product of extensive community consultation, to ensure services meet the needs of local passengers now, and in the future.

Community consultation

From December 2014 to June 2015, Public Transport Victoria (PTV) undertook a consultation program to seek feedback and comments on the proposed new bus network for Bendigo.

View the full consultation report that helped shape the new network:

Download the Bendigo bus network consultation report (PDF) 4.8MB

Download the Bendigo bus network consultation report - accessible version (RTF) 8.8MB

Area by area summaries 

Bendigo City

Bus Route 63 will provide a new fast and direct service to La Trobe University via Bendigo Station.

The new bus network will extend public transport to urban growth areas and provide an improved ‘premium’ service providing access between Bendigo Station and the university, and across town between Kangaroo Flat and Huntly.

Bendigo city will be serviced by 13 bus routes with most routes stopping at Bendigo Station and Mitchell Street bus interchange.

Bendigo Hospital once complete will also be serviced by four bus routes, with an easy interchange available at the Mitchell Street bus interchange or Bendigo Station.

La Trobe University

If you study or work at La Trobe University you’ll have a choice of three bus routes, reducing the need to drive. Bus Routes 62 and 61 will get you to the university from nearby suburbs such as Spring Gully, Strathdale and Kennington.

With these options, getting to and from the university will be easier than ever.


Bus Routes 51, 52 and 53 – Eaglehawk will have three bus routes, including two direct routes providing a faster journey to and from Bendigo City, and one neighbourhood route via Jackass Flat.

Bus services will run between Eaglehawk town centre and Bendigo Station approximately every 15 minutes on weekdays.

Huntly to Kangaroo Flat via Epsom and Golden Square

Bus Route 5, 50 and 55 – If you live in the Huntly to Kangaroo Flat corridor you’ll be within walking distance of new Bus Route 5 along the Midland Highway. This bus route will provide a frequent and direct service to jobs, shopping destinations and schools along the highway and into the city, so you can leave the car at home. 

From Epsom you can take a Route 50 bus to Bendigo Hospital. Bus Route 55 to Kangaroo Flat via Kangaroo Flat West connects Kangaroo Flat with Lansell Square Shopping Centre and Bendigo city, with a stop at St John of God Hospital.

In Huntly, the new housing estate will have bus services for the first time, with bus services alternating between Waratah Rd housing and Midland Highway.

Spring Gully

Bus Routes 62 and 65. In Spring Gully you’ll have a choice of two bus routes; a direct Route 65 bus between Spring Gully and Bendigo Station and Route 62 Spring Gully to Bendigo Station via La Trobe University.

The direct bus Route 65 will be introduced on a trial basis, so making use of this service is encouraged. This bus will provide a direct journey to Bendigo Station. New bus Route 62 will connect you to key local destinations such as La Trobe University and Bendigo Station.

Journey times to La Trobe University will be as little as 10 minutes. Both routes will be reviewed after 12 months to determine the right service for Spring Gully.


Bus Route 70 – Will service the new housing areas in Strathfieldsaye and provide a semi-express journey into Bendigo. This route will also service Strath Village Shopping Centre and will make travelling into Bendigo and back a much faster journey.

Maiden Gully

Bus Route 54 – The Maiden Gully service will extend to the new Marist Brothers College during school times so students can get to and from school easily.

Jackass Flat

Bus Route 51 – In Jackass Flat your new bus services will take you to and from Eaglehawk Village, Bendigo Hospital and the city.

Strathdale/East Bendigo

Buses in Strathdale will continue to service the industrial precinct, Lloyd and Murphy Streets and then onto the City.

Golden Square

Bus Route 64 – The Golden Square route has been streamlined to operate via Quarry Hill.


Bus services are currently being reviewed which will include additional consultation in early 2016 around upgrading services to the Junortoun area to ensure that as this area grows, public transport continues to adapt to meet the growing demand of the local population.

General information 

Why was a new bus network created for Bendigo?

PTV regularly reviews bus networks across Victoria to ensure they continue to meet community needs. Locally in Bendigo, work towards the City of Greater Bendigo’s Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy has helped inform the new bus network’s design.

These changes will complement new train services to be introduced as part of Bendigo Metro Rail and also with the completion of the Regional Rail Link project.

How was the proposed new bus network designed?

In designing the network PTV has: 

  • Looked at the public transport themes in the Bendigo Integrated Transport and Land Use Strategy
  • Researched the demographics and travel patterns of Bendigo residents
  • Reviewed usage on the existing services
  • Reviewed customer feedback as part of the first round of community consultation
  • Worked closely with local Bendigo Transit bus operators, Christian’s Bus Company and Whitmore’s
  • Strathfieldsaye Transit to develop the bus network.  

PTV aimed to have most homes in urban Bendigo within 400 – 600 metres of a bus route. The changes will make public transport accessible and attractive to more people, however for some customers established travel plans will need to change.

Some routes on the network are less direct than others and these are called neighbourhood routes. Neighbourhood routes improve accessibility to public transport, however they are slower and less frequent. Typically neighbourhood routes are used where demand for public transport is lower than elsewhere, but where it’s still important to provide a service to assist with people’s mobility and access to transport.

How will buses coordinate with trains?

Bus timetables will coordinate with trains on many services. In the morning, inbound buses will coordinate with trains going to Melbourne. In the afternoon, outbound buses will coordinate with trains coming from Melbourne.

Will all buses coordinate with trains?

No – not all routes coordinate with trains because not all travel demand is to connect with the rail system. For example, in the morning while most people from suburban Bendigo are travelling to Bendigo, or by rail to Melbourne, services to La Trobe University operate in the other direction – taking people outbound from the city, suburbs and from stations to the university, because that’s where most people on those services are travelling.

Will school bus services be changing?

Generally no, school bus services will not change. However there are some existing school bus services that are duplicated by the new network, and where this occurs, a school bus may be substituted for a normal route service bus. Similarly some school bus times have changed slightly because of the new network’s timetable. PTV will work with schools to inform parents of any changes to school bus services.

Long term plan for Bendigo buses

Bendigo is a rapidly growing city, and in line with the aspirations in ITLUS, PTV will continue to pursue opportunities to improve Bendigo’s bus network.

Frequency of bus services

Most routes will operate every 30 or 60 minutes, however some services operate less frequently, while others operate more frequently. At certain places in Bendigo, such as Eaglehawk, more than one bus route will operate. PTV aims to offset departure times, so for example, two routes operating every 30 minutes can form a departure every 15 minutes from certain places on the network. We will provide the frequency of services per route soon.


Download the Bendigo bus network map (PDF) 1.4MB

For customers with accessibility requirements, information on routes will be provided soon.

Downloadable information handout

Download the Changes in your neighbourhood brochure (PDF) 551kb

For customers with accessibility requirements, all content within the information handout is contained within this page.