Artists impression of the exterior of the new Huntingdale Station

Huntingdale Station Precinct Upgrade


$11.6 million


Start: 10 July 2017

Complete: Mid-2018

Latest news

Construction work to rebuild the Huntingdale Station bus interchange will begin on 27 November, commencing the second stage of the the Huntingdale Station Precinct Upgrade project. The project will also include the expansion and improvement of the existing car parking facilities, including paving and line marking to the gravel car park on Huntingdale Road.

Project description

The Huntingdale Station Precinct Upgrade project will improve the safety and appearance of the station precinct by relocating the existing bus stops and upgrading car parking facilities.

The works will include:

  • building a new consolidated bus interchange within the station precinct, with improvements to shelter, lighting and additional CCTV cameras
  • improving passenger access to enable seamless transfer between train and bus and removing the need for passengers to cross busy Huntingdale Road to access buses
  • a new switch-back ramp and stairs into the existing pedestrian station underpass
  • upgrading car parking areas in the station precinct, including paving, line marking, lighting and extra CCTV cameras
  • providing about 55 additional parking places.

PTV is working closely with Monash University and Monash City Council on this project, with the University contributing $200,000 towards the cost.

Project benefits

The Huntingdale Station Precinct Upgrade project will improve the safety and appearance of the Huntingdale Station precinct, one of the busiest on the rail network.

The new bus interchange will have an improved layout and customer facilities, benefiting the thousands of people using buses in the area each day.

The upgrade of the station car park and the formalisation of gravel car park on Huntingdale Road will further improve safety and local amenities for the thousands of students, staff and local residents who use the station every week.

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