W-Class tram (Route 35)

W-Class trams 

The Victorian Government has committed to developing a comprehensive strategy for the future of W-Class trams.

A W-Class Stakeholder Reference Group is being established to advise government on how best to re-purpose the iconic trams.

The reference group will consist of representatives from Public Transport Victoria (PTV), VicTrack, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources (DEDJTR), and Yarra Trams.

Other stakeholders will be invited to share their knowledge and help shape their future use in the coming weeks and months. 

Any interested parties are encouraged to contact PTV

W-Class restoration project update

The Government has committed $8 million to restoring Melbourne's historic W-Class trams.

The Bendigo Trust is playing an important role in the ongoing maintenance of the W-Class tram fleet.

The first three W-Class trams that have been restored are currently taking passengers on the City Circle tram route.

The complete refurbishment has included:

  • new impact-resistant driver’s cabin
  • removal of high voltage wiring from the driver’s cabin
  • new electronics and wiring to allow for GPS surveillance and improved electrical performance
  • a complete rebuild of the body to include better safety features
  • painting and restoring the green and gold livery.

Trams are being restored to as close to their original appearance as possible, while meeting modern safety standards and having improved passenger comfort, performance and reliability.

In March 2016, a fourth refurbished W-Class tram was completed at the Bendigo Tramways Depot and Workshop. The newly restored tram will operate on Melbourne's City Circle route.

For more information, see Restored W-Class tram enters service

View a video of the the fourth restored W-Class tram rolling out of Bendigo Tramways Depot and Workshop, below.

View a video of the third restored W-Class tram rolling out of Southbank depot, below.