Route 96 Upgrade

Image of a tram

Route 96 is Melbourne’s busiest tram route. Stops along Route 96 are being upgraded to make it Melbourne’s first accessible tram route.

New raised stops along the route will enable everyone including people using wheelchairs, prams and other mobility aids to get on and off the tram safely and easily.

Other benefits include:

  • quicker tram travel times, through more evenly spaced stops and improved priority for trams at traffic lights
  • more efficient use of the road to improve traffic flow
  • improved safety, shelter, seating and information screens at tram stops.

 Nicholson Street tram stop upgrades

We are in the process of upgrading stops along Nicholson Street. Register your details to receive project updates. 

Victoria Parade to Johnston Street.

Three upgraded tram stops are now in operation between Victoria Parade and Johnston Street, improving accessibility and safety for passengers along this section of Nicholson Street.

Kay Street to Brunswick Road.

In 2019 we are planning to upgrade route 96 stop stops between Kay Street and Brunswick.

Initial consultation about these upgrades took place in 2013. Feedback from the community helped to finalise the location and design of these stops. Planning for the upgrade of these stops is underway and we will be talking to the community about our plans in early 2019.

Brunswick Road to Blyth Street

We previously communicated that stops between Brunswick Road and Blyth Street (stops 23 – 25) would be upgraded at the same time as stops between Victoria Parade and Johnston Street.

This work has been delayed as we are currently working through the planning process with Moreland City Council. We will let the community know about our revised delivery dates for these as soon as they are finalised.

In Early 2018, the community to provided feedback on the proposed changes these stops. View the full consultation report below or on Get Involved - our online consultation space.

Completed works

  • Stop 124 Batman Park/Flinders Street was the first stop to be upgraded and these works were completed in January 2015.
  • The terminus stop at Blyth Street, East Brunswick, was upgraded with a new level access platform stop in late 2015.
  • Stop 125 Port Junction was completed in January 2016. This included the construction of a new central platform, a separate platform for the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant and a new three-track layout on Clarendon Street.
  • The terminus stop at Acland Street, St Kilda was upgraded in October 2016. The newly designed terminus for Route 96 incorporated an accessible, pedestrian friendly level-access stop complemented by a completely redesigned streetscape delivered by the City of Port Phillip.

Further information

For more information, please call us on 1800 800 007.