E-Class tram in front of Southern Cross Station

New E-Class trams

As part of the Tram Procurement Program, 50 next-generation E-Class low floor trams are being delivered to Melbourne's tram network. Customers are benefiting already, with E-Class trams operating on Routes 11 and 96. From late 2016, E-Class trams will begin to roll out on Route 86; the first time low-floor trams have operated on the route.

The 2015-16 State Budget included $274 million for 20 new E-Class trams, taking the total order of new trams to 70, to be built in Dandenong. The Budget also included $21 million to refurbish the B-Class tram fleet.

The new E-Class trams:

  • measure approximately 33 metres long and 2.65 metres wide;
  • have a capacity of 210 passengers, providing greater capacity for an additional 10,500 passengers during peak times;
  • are fitted with CCTV and emergency intercoms at each doorway;
  • are fully air-conditioned;
  • have dedicated wheelchair spaces with accessible intercom and next stop request button;
  • have external cameras to monitor passenger boarding and record motor vehicles illegally passing stationary trams;
  • have improved customer comfort and reduced noise with rotating bogies to handle tight turns;
  • have improved safety features to absorb impact in the event of a collision;
  • have increased grab rails and stop request buttons in ergonomically selected locations;
  • have slip-resistant floors;
  • have state-of-the-art audio and visual announcements including next stop, destination, direction and connectivity; and
  • are accessible for people in wheelchairs on routes which are equipped with level access tram stops.

The roll-out of E-Class trams onto a number of key tram routes has benefits for travellers using other tram routes; with other high-capacity trams being redeployed to elsewhere on the network as E-Class trams are introduced.