561 - Macleod - Pascoe Vale via La Trobe University

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To Pascoe Vale

Departs from the terminus at the corner of Dunvegan Cr and Vincent St, Macleod and runs via Vincent St, Highview Cr, Glenmore St, Wungan St and McNamara St to Macleod Station. From Macleod Station runs via Macleod Pde, Ruthven St, Kingsbury Dr, Waterdale Rd, Ring Rd and Science Dr to La Trobe University. Then via Ring Rd, Kingsbury Dr, Dunne St, Boldrewood Pde and Broadway to Reservoir Station. From Reservoir Station bus operates via High St, Spring St, Edwardes St, Newlands Rd, Murray Rd, Stockade Av, Pentridge Bvd, Drummond St, Bell St, Sussex St, Gaffney St, Northumberland Rd, Fawkner Rd and Railway Pde to the terminus at Pascoe Vale Station.

To Macleod

Departs from the terminus at Pascoe Vale Station in Railway Pde and runs via Railway Pde, Gaffney St, Sussex St, Bell St, Drummond St, Pentridge Bvd, Stockade Ave, Murray Rd, Newlands Rd, Edwardes St, Spring St and High St to Reservoir Railway Station. From Reservoir Railway Station bus operates via Broadway, Boldrewood Pde, Dunne St, Kingsbury Dr, Ring Rd (via North Entrance) and Science Dr to La Trobe University - Main Entrance. Then via Ring Rd, Waterdale Rd, Kingsbury Dr, Ruthven St and Macleod Pde to Macleod Railway Station. From Macleod Station bus runs via McNamara St, Wungan St and Dunvegan Cr to the terminus in Vincent St, Macleod. PLEASE NOTE: Two early morning trips deviate from Kingsbury Dr to Waterdale Rd, Northern Rd, Waiora Rd & then via normal route and do not stop at Charles La Trobe College.

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