Bendigo Station - Kangaroo Flat via Golden Square (Route 55)

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Route Description

To Kangaroo Flat

Departs from Bendigo Station and runs via Railway Pl, Mitchell St, View St, Barnard St, Chum St, Specimen Hill Rd, MacKenzie St West, Symonds St, Aspinall St, Alder St, MacKenzie St West, Browning St, Aspinall St, Olympic Pde, Helm St, Morrison St, Wesley St, Duke St, Queen St, Crusoe Rd, Furness St and High St to Lansell Plaza SC, Kangaroo Flat. PLEASE NOTE: All Christian Bus Company services will operate to the Saturday Public Holiday timetables on Bendigo Cup Day and those services having no Saturday timetables will not run.

To Bendigo Station

Departs from Lansell Plaza SC, Kangaroo Flat and runs via High St, Furness St, Crusoe Rd, Queen St, Duke St, Wesley St, Morrison St, Helm St, Olympic Pde, Aspinall St, Browning St, MacKenzie St West, Alder St, Aspinall St, Symonds St, MacKenzie St West, Specimen Hill Rd, Chum St, Barnard St, View St, Mitchell St and Railway Pl to Bendigo Station.

Operator Details

Christians Bus Company (Bendigo)
Contact Christians Bus Company (Bendigo): 5447 2222
Website: Christians Bus Company (Bendigo)

Wheelchair Access

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