942 - Night Bus - City - Footscray - Sunshine - Deer Park - St Albans

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Route Description

To St Albans

Departs from Queen St near Little Collins St, City and runs via Queen St, Flinders St, Russell St, Lonsdale St, Spencer St, Dudley St, Footscray Rd, Whitehall St, Hopkins St, Moore St, Ballarat Rd, Hampshire Rd and Dickson St to Sunshine bus interchange; then via Hampshire Rd, Sun Cr, Durham Rd, Glengala Rd, Fitzgerald Rd, Tilburn Rd, Station Rd and Main Rd West to St Albans Station bus interchange.

To City

Departs from St Albans station bus interchange and runs via Main Road West, Station Rd, Tilburn Rd, Fitzgerald Rd, Glengala Rd, Durham Rd, Sun Cr, Hampshire Rd, Withers St, Dickson St, Sunshine bus interchange, Withers St, Devonshire Rd, Hampshire Rd, Ballarat Rd, Moore St, Hopkins St, Whitehall St, Footscray Rd, Dudley St, Spencer St and Lonsdale St to Queen St near Bourke St, City.

Operator Details

Night Bus - Dysons
Contact Night Bus - Dysons: 9463 3999
Website: Night Bus - Dysons