432 - Newport - Yarraville via Altona Gate Shopping Centre

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Route Description

To Newport

Departs from the terminus at Yarraville Railway Station corner of Birmingham and Anderson Streets, and runs via Birmingham St, Canterbury St, Fehon St, then via the reverse of the route described below to the terminus at Newport Railway Station.

To Yarraville

Departs from the terminus at Newport Railway Station, Mason St and runs via Mason St, Jack St, Woods St, Challis St, Jubilee St, Maddox Rd, Woods St, Blenheim Rd, Hansen St, The Broadway, The Circle, McIntosh Rd, Mason St, Millers Rd, McArthurs Rd, Chambers Rd, Duosa Rd, Marigold Av, Kyle Rd, Blackshaws Rd, Stephenson St, Aloha St, Saltley St, Brunel St, Montgomery Cr, Stephenson St, The Avenue, Fogarty Av, Wembley Av, Benbow St, Severn St, Francis St, Fehon St, Anderson St to the bus terminus at the corner of Anderson and Birmingham Streets, Yarraville Railway Station.

Operator Details

Sita Bus Lines
Contact Sita Bus Lines: 9689 7999
Website: Sita Bus Lines