417 - Laverton Station - Laverton North

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Route Description

To Laverton Station

Departs from the terminus at William Angliss Dr near Boundary Rd, Laverton North and runs via Boundary Rd, Little Boundary Rd, Pipe Rd, Hume Rd, Dohertys Rd, Cherry La, Fitzgerald Rd, Old Geelong Rd, Bladin St, Wright St, Thomas St, Woods St, Lohse St and Maher Rd to the terminus at Laverton Station (south side of Maher Rd). ROUTE EXTENSION: Some services extend to Aircraft station via Railway Av to Aircraft Station (stops south side of Railway Av).

To Laverton North

Departs from the terminus at Laverton Station (north side) and runs via Maher Rd, Lohse St, Woods St, Thomas St, Wright St, Bladin St, Old Geelong Rd, Fitzgerald Rd and William Angliss Dr to the terminus near Boundary Rd, Laverton North. Route Extension: Some services depart from Aircraft Station (Railway Av north side) and runs via Railway Av.

Operator Details

CDC Melbourne (Altona)
Contact CDC Melbourne (Altona): 9398 2712
Website: CDC Melbourne (Altona)