St Arnaud - Stawell via Marnoo

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Route Description

To St Arnaud

Departs Stawell Railway Station and operates via Napier Street, Victoria Street, City V/Line Bus stop, Victoria Street, St George Street, Sloane Street, Patrick Street, Layzell Street, Scallan Street and Wimmera Street to Stawell Leisure Centre in Houston Street. Bus then operates via Newington Street, Darlington Road, Donald-Stawell Road (Callawadda), Newell Street (Marnoo), Wimmera Highway, Ararat - St Arnaud Road, Wimmera Highway, Inkerman Street and Dundas Street to the V/Line bus stop in Market Street (St Arnaud).

To Stawell

Departs St Arnaud (V/Line Bus Stop) Market Street and operates via Dundas Street, Inkerman Street, Wimmera Highway, Ararat - St Arnaud Road, Wimmera Highway, Newell Street (Marnoo), Donald - Stawell Road (Callawadda), Darlington Road, Newington Street to Stawell Leisure Centre. From Stawell Leisure Centre bus operates via Houston Street, Napier Street, Stawell Railway Station, Victoria Street, City Bus Terminal, Napier Street, Sloane Street and Patrick Street (Stawell).

Operator Details

Swan Hill Bus Lines
Contact Swan Hill Bus Lines: 5032 1068
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