847 - Berwick Station - Casey Central SC via Glasscocks Rd (effective until 12/11/2016)

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Route Description

To Casey Central SC

Departs from the terminus at Berwick Station and runs via Reserve St, Clyde Rd, Centre Rd, Wood Rd, The Avenue, The Boulevard, The Promenade, Heritage Dr, Robinswood Pde, Berwick Springs Prom, Glasscocks Rd, The Promenade and Littlecroft Av to the terminus at Casey Central Shopping Centre in Littlecroft Av near The Strand.

To Berwick

Departs from the terminus at Casey Central, and runs via Littlecroft Av, The Promenade, Glasscocks Rd, Berwick Springs Prom, Robinswood Pde, Heritage Dr, The Promenade, The Boulevard, The Avenue, Wood Rd, Centre Rd, Clyde Rd and Reserve St to Berwick Station.

Operator Details

Ventura (Pakenham)
Contact Ventura (Pakenham): 5940 2922
Website: Ventura (Pakenham)