811 - Dandenong - Brighton via Heatherton Road, Springvale

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Route Description

To Brighton

Departs from the terminus at Dandenong Station and runs via Foster St, Rudduck St, Walker St, Langhorne St, Lonsdale St, Cleeland St,Heatherton Rd, View Rd, Lightwood Rd and Springvale Rd to Springvale Station and Springvale Shopping Centre; then via Springvale Rd, Heatherton Rd, Tootal Rd, Centre Dandenong Rd, Lower Dandenong Rd, Nepean Hwy, Warrigal Rd, Como Pde West, Balcombe Rd, Charman Rd and Nepean Hwy to Southland Shopping Centre; then via Karen St, Nepean Hwy, Chesterville Rd, Wickham Rd, Chapel Rd, South Rd, Nepean Hwy and Station St to Moorabbin Station; then via Station St, South Rd, Roslyn St, Dendy St, Well St and Male St to Middle Brighton Station; then via Male St and Wilson St to the terminus in Wilson St near Brighton Town Hall. PLEASE NOTE: A new bus stops in Heatherton Rd opposite the corner of James St will be installed soon to be served by Route 811 buses.

To Dandenong

Departs from the terminus in Wilson St near Brighton Town Hall and runs via Wilson St, St Andrews St, Church St, Dendy St, Roslyn St, South Rd, Nepean Hwy and Station St to Moorabbin Station. From Moorabbin Station bus runs via South Rd, Chapel Rd, Wickham Rd, Chesterville Rd and Karen St to Southland Shopping Centre; then via Nepean Hwy,Charman Rd, Balcombe Rd, Como Pde West, Warrigal Rd, Nepean Hwy, Lower Dandenong Rd, Centre Dandenong Rd,Tootal Rd, Heatherton Rd, Springvale Rd, Lightwood Rd, View Rd, Heatherton Rd, Cleeland St, Lonsdale St, Langhorne St, Walker St and Cadle St to Dandenong Station.

Operator Details

Ventura (1Dandenong)
Contact Ventura (1Dandenong): 9771 4300
Website: Ventura (1Dandenong)

Wheelchair Access

The Victorian public transport network is progressively becoming accessible for people with special needs. For further information, follow the link below or call 1800 800 007.

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