200 - City (Queen St) - Bulleen

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To City (Queen St)

Departs from the terminus at Bulleen near the corner of Manningham Rd & Thompsons Rd then runs via Thompsons Rd, Montgomery Pl, Manningham Rd, Thompsons Rd, Bulleen Rd, Doncaster Rd, Kilby Rd, Willsmere Rd, Princess St, Studley Park Rd, Johnston St, Elgin St, Lygon St, Russell St, Lonsdale St, Queen St to the terminus in Queen St near Little Collins St

To Bulleen

Departs from the terminus on Queen St near Little Collins St and runs via Lonsdale St, then travels via Lonsdale St, Russell St, Lygon St, Elgin St, Johnston St, Studley Park Rd, Princess St, Willsmere Rd, Kilby Rd, Doncaster Rd, Bulleen Rd and Thompsons Rd to the terminus near Manningham Rd & Thompsons Rd, Bulleen.

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Contact Transdev: 9488 2100
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