494 - Williams Landing Station - Point Cook South via Alamanda Bvd

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To Point Cook South

Departs from the terminus at Williams Landing Station and runs via Altair St, Kendall St, Overton Rd, Palmers Rd, Dunnings Rd, Lennon Bvd, Shaftsbury Bvd, Sommersby Rd, La Rochelle Bvd, Sneydes Rd, Alamanda Bvd, Fongeo Dr and Featherbrook Dr to the terminus near Yellowbox Dr, Point Cook South. PLEASE NOTE: From Point Cook South bus then forms Route 495 to Williams Landing Station.

To Williams Landing Station

Departs from the terminus at Featherbrook Dr near Yellowbox Dr, Point Cook South and runs via Featherbrook Dr, Fongeo Dr, Alamanda Bvd, Sneydes Rd, La Rochelle Bvd, Sommersby Rd, Shaftsbury Bvd, Lennon Bvd, Dunnings Rd, Palmers Rd, Overton Rd, Woodbury St and Altair St to the terminus at Williams Landing Station. Buses are formed by Route 495 from Williams Landing Station. PLEASE NOTE:A new stops will soon be open - the northbound stop on Palmers Rd after Dunnings Rd.

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CDC Melbourne
Contact CDC Melbourne: 1800 800 007
Website: CDC Melbourne

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