Children on public transport

Children aged 3 years and under travel free and do not need a ticket.

Children aged between 4 and 16 (inclusive) can travel on a concession fare and do not need to carry a concession card.

Eligible student aged 17 and over (or younger students who wish to purchase a student pass) must carry a Victorian Public Transport Concession Card.

Primary and Secondary Student Passes offer better value for students who travel regularly and are available for holders of Victorian Public Transport Student Concession cards. See Concessions for more information.

V/Line services

All children aged 16 years and under are eligible for concession fares and do not need a concession card.

Children aged under ten

Children aged under ten years old cannot generally travel alone on a V/Line service. They MUST travel with a parent or guardian, except when travelling with other children to and from school.

In circumstances where a child aged under ten years of age is found travelling alone, V/Line staff or coach drivers will escort the child to the next staffed V/Line station and transfer them to Station staff who will contact the Police to have the child returned to their parent or guardian

Children aged 10-15

Children aged 10-15 years may travel alone ("unaccompanied children") on V/Line services but their supervision and safety remains the sole responsibility of their parent or guardian.