Victorian Seniors Card holders are entitled to a range of benefits on public transport services in Victoria.

The Victorian Seniors Card is issued by the Department of Health and is available to permanent residents of Victoria aged 60 or over and who work less than 35 hours a week.

Please note: A Commonwealth Seniors Health Card cannot be used as concession ID.

Seniors are provided with a free myki when applying for the Victorian Seniors Card. This card entitles them to concession fares on trains, trams and buses during the week. It also entitles them to free travel on Saturdays and Sundays in two consecutive zones (such as the metropolitan Zone 1+2).

For more information about the free weekend travel entitlement, see Free weekend travel.

V/Line concessions for Victorian seniors

Victorian Seniors Card holders can travel on concession fares on V/Line trains and coaches.

Victorian off-peak free travel vouchers

Victorian Seniors Card holders also receive two Victorian off-peak travel vouchers in the mail each year. These can be used anywhere in Victoria and can be exchanged for V/Line tickets or a Day Pass. Seniors from regional Victoria receive two additional Victorian off-peak travel vouchers.

For more information, see Free travel vouchers.

Interstate Seniors Cards

Seniors Card holders from other Australian states and territories can buy the following ticket types:

  • Concession myki
  • Concession V/Line tickets (Peak and Off-Peak)
  • Other concession tickets (regional town bus services).

Seniors Card or Pensioner Concession Card holders from other states and territories are not eligible for free weekend travel however you can travel on concession fares.

Holders of a Commonwealth Government-issued Seniors Health Card are not eligible for public transport concessions in Victoria.

Seniors travel

Victorian Seniors Card holders can travel using a seniors myki which entitles them to concession fares on all myki-enabled services during the week, and free travel on Saturdays and Sundays in two consecutive zones.

If travelling on bus routes 782/783 or 787/887 on the Mornington Peninsula and making a return trip across three or more zones in one day, seniors can buy a Seniors Day Pass from the bus driver for $3.90. Seniors travelling with Day Pass should not touch on their myki.

The Day Pass is a paper ticket that is valid for one day’s unlimited travel between Zone 3 or 4 on the Mornington Peninsula and into Zone 1 in Melbourne.
For all single zone or two zone trips, or where no return travel that day is required, seniors should use their myki to travel. Simply touch on and off your myki as you board and exit the bus to pay the lowest fare.

Using a Day Pass

When travelling with a Day Pass, you must show it to the bus driver when boarding, to train station staff to gain entry or exit from a gated station, or to an Authorised Officer when requested. Please note that Day Passes cannot be used to travel on any other day, other than the date specified.


If you accidently touch on your myki, or have already used your myki for travel on a day, you should continue to use your myki for all travel on that day. You will automatically be reimbursed within a few days for any amount spent over $3.90 for travel on Mornington Peninsula buses and Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses. You should not buy a Day Pass after touching on a myki, as no refunds are available for Day Passes.

Please note that you should ensure your myki has enough credit to cover your travel (this may be up to $10 for the day), and top up at the first opportunity if necessary. If you experience problems with the reimbursement you should contact the PTV call centre on 1800 800 007.