To use a Seniors myki you must have a Victorian Seniors Card issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.

When you apply for your Victorian Seniors Card, you will automatically receive your first Seniors myki free.

The Seniors myki gives you:

  • 50 per cent discount on a full fare
  • daily cap of $4.30 when travelling in zones 1+2
  • free travel on Saturdays and Sundays in two consecutive zones
  • two or four annual Victorian off-peak travel vouchers 
  • concession fares on V/Line trains and coaches
  • free travel during the annual Victorian Seniors Festival


You must have a Victorian Seniors Card. The Victorian Seniors Card is available to permanent Victorian residents who are aged 60 or over who work less than 35 hours a week. It's issued by the Department of Health and Human Services.

When you receive your Victorian Seniors Card you'll automatically receive your first Seniors myki free.

Interstate Seniors Cards

If you're a Seniors Card holder from another Australian state or territory, you can buy the following tickets:

  • Concession myki
  • Concession V/Line tickets (peak and off-peak)
  • Other concession tickets (regional town bus services).

Seniors Card holders from other states and territories are not eligible to use a Seniors myki. Holders of a Commonwealth Government-issued Seniors Health Card are not eligible for public transport concessions in Victoria.

Seniors Day Pass

As a senior, you can buy a Day Pass for some journeys. The Seniors Day Pass is a paper ticket that gives you one day’s unlimited travel in Zone 1+2 and on bus routes 782/783 and 787/887 only.

Using a Day Pass

When travelling with a Day Pass, you must show it to:

  • the bus driver when boarding
  • train station staff to gain entry or exit from a gated station
  • an Authorised Officer when requested.

When travelling with a Day Pass you don't need to touch on your myki. You can only use a Day Pass for the date on the ticket.