Companion Card


If you have a Companion Card, your carer or companion can travel for free on public transport.


The Companion Card is issued by the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) to people who require the assistance of a companion. We accept Companion Cards issued in other states.

Conditions of travel

A Companion Card doesn't give the card holder concession fares or free travel. The card holder must have a valid ticket or free travel pass.

The carer/companion and the Companion Card holder must travel together and the card holder must show their Companion Card to staff on request and indicate who their carer/companion is for that trip.

The carer/companion to the Companion Card holder must be able to provide all necessary assistance to the card holder (including personal hygiene tasks). Companions who are not capable of assisting the card holder must pay the appropriate fare for the journey.

To use the card on V/Line services, Companion Card holders must ask for a ‘companion ticket’ when buying or reserving their own ticket and show their Companion Card.

Apply for the card

For more information or to apply for the card, visit the Companion Card website.