Day Pass

The Day Pass is a paper ticket that gives you one day of free travel.

You can use it on:

  • all public transport in zones 1 and 2
  • regional buses that use myki
  • Mornington Peninsula buses.

A Day Pass can’t be used on V/Line services outside metropolitan Melbourne (zones 1 and 2). 


A Day Pass is issued by:

  • a community service organisation or charity, authorised by PTV
  • in exchange for a free travel voucher
  • the driver of bus routes 787 or 788 to a customer presenting their Victorian Seniors Card (for a fare of $4.10).

Conditions of use

  • The Day Pass is valid on the day, month and year marked.
  • You can't use a Day Pass if more than one date is marked, or if the day, month or year is missing.
  • You can request your Day Pass to be validated for a future date, if exchanged before the date of travel.
  • If your Day Pass is validated incorrectly, take it back to the place of issue.
  • When passing through a staffed ticket barrier, you need to show your Day Pass to the barrier attendant.
  • When travelling on a bus, you need to show your Day Pass to the driver.
  • You need to carry your Day Pass with you for your entire journey.
  • A lost or stolen Day Pass can't be replaced.