Travel benefits

Travel benefits are available across the public transport network in Victoria.

Commuter Club

Commuter Club allows organisations to buy discounted yearly myki passes for their employees. For more information, see myki Commuter Club.

Daily cap

Use myki money, travel multiple times within a day and your journey price will be capped. For more information, see myki Money.

Discounted fares

The following people are eligible for concession fares, providing a 50 per cent discount on a full fare:

Asylum seekers, Children, Health Care Card holders, Pensioners, Seniors Card holders, Students, War veterans/War widow(er)s.

Early Bird train travel

Your journey is free if you touch on and off before 7.15am on a weekday on the metropolitan train network.

If your myki has a negative balance, your journey won't be free.

Family Traveller

A regional Family Traveller ticket allows each adult to take up to two children aged between 5 and 18 for free.

For more information, see V/Line ticket types.

Free travel passes

Free travel is available to eligible customers, for more information see Free travel passes.

Group travel

A group travel ticket allows groups of 12 or more people to travel together at a concession rate on metropolitan and regional services.

For more information and conditions, see Group travel.

myki Explorer

The myki Explorer contains a myki card with pre-loaded value and discounts to attractions across Victoria.

For more information, see myki Explorer.

myki Money 2 hour fare

If your first touch on is after 6pm, you can travel until 3am the following morning. That's 9 hours for the price of 2 hours!

For more information, see myki Money.

myki Pass

If you use public transport frequently, myki Pass is cheaper than using myki Money for the same journeys. Buy a myki Pass for 365 days and you'll only pay for 325 days, receiving 40 days for free.

For more information, see myki Pass.

Off-peak fares (V/Line only)

Travel in three or more zones, and an off-peak discount of 30% may apply (this is in addition to any concession discount).

The off-peak discount will not apply if:

  • you touch off in Zone 1 before 9am on a weekday
  • you touch on in Zone 1 between 4pm and 6 pm on a weekday.

myki off-peak fares apply to concession passengers on weekends.

If you don’t touch off at the end of your trip, you'll be charged a peak fare.

Weekend fares

On weekends and public holidays, you'll pay no more than $6.30 per day ($3.15 for concession) for unlimited travel in Zone 1+2.

Some customers are eligible for Free weekend travel.