myki equipment

There are five pieces of myki equipment on the public transport network:

myki machines
Image showing a person using a myki machine



At a myki machine, you can:

  • top up with myki Money ($1 minimum, cash, EFTPOS or credit card)
  • top up with myki Pass (7 day pass or between 28–365 days)
  • view your myki card status, balance and expiry date
  • check the expiry time of your myki Money 2 hour fare
  • see your last 10 transactions using ‘myki history’
  • buy a full fare myki card ($1 minimum top up required).

If you’re topping up with cash, there’s no change given when buying myki Money and a maximum of $10 change given when topping up with a myki Pass. Fares may round up to the next 10 cents. Wait for ‘transaction complete’ before removing your myki card from the machine. If you need greater contrast on the screen, just touch the zoom button to switch to black and white.

You'll find myki machines in all metropolitan train stations and at some accessible tram stops and bus interchanges. 

myki Money Quick Top Up and Enquiry Machine (QTEM)



The myki Money QT device is an easy way to top up your myki Money, using contactless VISA and MasterCard, for amounts up to $50. If you need a receipt, call us on 1800 800 007 or visit if your myki card is registered.

You can also check your myki Money balance, myki Pass details, card status, fare type, travel and top up history.

You can find myki Money QTEM devices at:

  • PTV Hub (Southern Cross)
  • Melbourne Central Station
  • Footscray Station
  • Parliament Station
  • South Yarra Station
  • Flinders Street Station
  • Richmond Station
  • Frankston Station
  • Geelong Station
  • Spencer Street/Bourke Street Tram Stop
myki readers 
Image showing a customer touching on at a train station myki reader Image showing a next-gen myki reader on a tram

At a myki reader you can see:

  • your myki Money balance and how much has been deducted
  • your myki Pass details and expiry date.

Touch on and touch off at myki readers to travel on trains, trams and buses. Hold your myki card at the centre of the reader until you hear a beep. This sound indicates if you’ve touched on or off successfully.

myki readers are at train stations and on trams and buses.

myki checks 
Image showing a myki check


At a myki check, you can:

  • view your myki card status, balance and expiry date
  • check the expiry time of your myki Money 2 hour fare
  • see your last 10 transactions using ‘myki history’.

Use the buttons to scroll through the information on the screen and press ‘exit’ when you are finished.

myki checks are across the public transport network, in some train stations and at accessible tram stops and bus interchanges.

myki gates 
Image showing a customer using myki gates at a train station

There are two types of myki gate, a standard myki gate (above left) and a next-generation myki gate (above right).

At a standard myki gate, you can:

At a next-generation myki gate, you can:

  • touch on and touch off.

If you’re travelling with children, you can touch on with multiple myki cards and the gates will stay open until each person has passed through (maximum of 10 myki cards at a time).

You'll find myki gates in all metropolitan train stations.