Transport fines

If you don’t have a valid ticket when you travel, or commit a transport offence, you may be fined.

Travelling without a valid ticket

You need to pay the correct fare, and carry any concession entitlement, to travel with a valid ticket. If you don’t have a valid ticket when travelling on public transport, or don’t show your ticket on request, you may have committed an offence under the Transport (Compliance and Miscellaneous) Act 1983 or its regulations.


If you travel without a valid ticket, or are alleged to have committed a transport offence, you may be reported by an Authorised Officer.
Then what happens?

The Authorised Officer you spoke with may send a report to the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources. Authorised Officers don’t issue warnings or fines.

The Department reviews the Authorised Officer’s report and issues a:

  • fine
  • warning
  • court summons or,
  • takes no further action.

If the Authorised Officer talked to you about multiple or serious offences you may receive a summons to go to court. The Department will send you information on their decision by post.

I’ve received a fine, how do I pay?

Details on how to pay are included on the fine.

How do I have my fine reviewed?

  1. Wait until you receive the fine before you seek a review.
  2. Write a letter that details the circumstances you’d like the Department to consider. Include the infringement notice number in your letter.
  3. Send your letter to the Department at the address detailed on the fine.

If you need more information, please contact the Department after you’ve received the fine on 1300 135 066.

What happens if I gave my myki to an Authorised Officer?

If there was credit on the myki you gave to the Authorised Officer, you may be refunded after the issue has been resolved. For more information on a myki refund, call 1800 800 007 after you’ve received the fine.

Transport offences

Passengers may also receive a fine for anti-social behaviour and other transport offences.

Types of fines

This is a list of the common fines that can occur on the public transport network. For a full list of current fines, visit the Department website.

Common fines on the public transport network (effective as at 1 July 2018)
Transport offenceFine for adultFine for child
Failing to produce a valid ticket $242 $81
Failing to produce evidence of concession $242 $81
Smoking in or on a vehicle, tram stop shelter, bus stop shelter, train platform, designated area, tram stop platform, or where there is a notice (from 1 August 2017, no smoking includes e-cigarettes) $242 $81
Littering on a vehicle or premises $242 $81
Placing feet on anything other than the floor, or a part of a public transport vehicle designed for the placement of feet, without a reasonable excuse $242 $81
Trespassing $322 $81
Behaving in an obscene, offensive, threatening, disorderly or riotous manner $322 $81
Interfering with gates or doors on a vehicle or premises without a reasonable excuse $403 $81
Travelling on part of a vehicle not meant for travel $403 $81
Leaving a motor vehicle parked in a public transport parking area without using public transport $97 n/a