myki retail outlets

There are over 800 myki retail outlets across metropolitan and regional Victoria, including all 7-Eleven stores.

All myki retail outlets sell Full Fare, Concession, Child and Seniors myki cards.

When you buy a myki card from a myki retail outlet, you must also top up with myki Money (minimum $1) or myki Pass (minimum 7 days) to activate it. You can't travel on public transport without an activated myki card. You can top up at most outlets.

All myki retail outlets can provide tax invoices (receipts). Simply request a receipt when you buy or top up your card, and ensure you check your transaction details before leaving.

Regional customers can buy a pre-loaded myki card at some staffed V/Line stations outside the myki area. If boarding a service at an unstaffed station you can buy from a V/Line conductor.

Find your nearest retail outlet, including services they provide, by using the location finder below. To identify an authorised myki retail outlet, look for the official myki sign.