International students

Save over $870* on travel. That's smart.

International undergraduate students can save 50 per cent on an annual myki with an international Undergraduate Student Education pass (iUSEpass) myki card. You can save even more if you usually top up with myki Money.

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An iUSEpass can save you money even if you’re not in Melbourne all year. You only need to travel in Zone 1+2 for 98 days of the year to make your money back.

Here’s an example…

Zhang Li is an international undergraduate student from China. She travels to classes three days a week, works at a café two days a week and goes into the city with friends on weekends. She also goes back to China for three months every year.

If Zhang Li travels in Zone 1+2 six days a week, 40 weeks a year, topping up with myki Money costs her $2060. An iUSEpass costs $877.50. She saves $1182.50.

iUSEpass covers all your travel in Melbourne

Your iUSEpass gives you unlimited travel on trains, trams and buses in your institute’s zone. Most institutes are in Zone 1+2, which covers all of metropolitan Melbourne.

You can use your iUSEpass for all your travel in Melbourne, even if you’re just going out with friends. It also gives you access to all-night weekend travel on Night Network. Just top up with myki Money if you want to travel outside Zone 1+2.


To be eligible for an iUSEpass, you need to be:

  • a full-time international student
  • enrolled in a bachelor or associate degree, diploma or advanced diploma
  • studying at an educational institute that’s signed up to the iUSEpass program.

Please note: International exchange students, students with refugee status and recipients of Australian Award Scholarships are already eligible for discounted travel. The iUSEpass doesn’t apply to these students. New Zealand students are eligible for the iUSEpass scheme.

Mobile myki is not available for iUSEpass.

How does it work?

  1. Check to see if your institution is part of the iUSEpass program.
  2. If it is, ask your institution how to apply for an iUSEpass code.
  3. When you have your iUSEpass code, go to the iUSEpass website.
  4. Register your details to create an account and buy your iUSEpass.
  5. Provide a current postal address and photo.
  6. Your iUSEpass will be sent to you in around 14 days.
  7. Start travelling with your iUSEpass. It’s valid for 365 days from the first day you touch on.

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*Saving based on comparing a yearly zone 1+2 iUSEpass to a yearly zone 1+2 myki Pass.

^Cost of a yearly zone 1+2 myki Pass.