Find out what to do if you're having problems with your iUSEpass.

I’ve lost my myki or it isn’t working. Can I order a new one?

Yes, you can order a replacement card on the iUSEpass website.

  1. Go to the iUSEpass website and log into your account.
  2. Click on the menu in the top left corner.
  3. Select ‘Replacement Card’.
  4. Make sure your details, including your address, are correct. Update them if they have changed.

You can only order a replacement card through the iUSEpass website.

Where do I find my myki number?

Your myki number is on the back of your myki card. If your myki has been lost or stolen you can find the number online. Log into the iUSEpass website and choose 'Order History' from the menu. Your myki number is in your order history details.

I’ve ordered my iUSEpass myki. When will it arrive?

Your card will be posted to you within 14 days.

Will I lose days from my iUSEpass while I wait for my replacement card to arrive?

No. Your lost or defective card is locked within 24 hours after a replacement is ordered. The active days left on your iUSEpass are frozen until you touch on with the new card.

I need to travel but my iUSEpass myki hasn’t arrived. What do I do?

To travel before your iUSEpass myki arrives, buy a Full Fare myki card and top up with myki Money or myki Pass. You can’t travel with your iUSEpass receipt.

What do I do if my new card doesn’t arrive after 14 days?

If your card doesn’t arrive within 14 days, email the iUSEpass team with your order number and postal address and we’ll investigate.

When you renew your iUSEpass, it will appear on your current myki card within 14 days. You won’t get a new card.

I entered the wrong address details. What should I do?

Update your address and check all your details are correct in the iUSEpass website, then order a replacement card.

I found my lost myki after ordering a replacement card. Should I cancel the replacement?

No. Once the old card is locked you can't travel on it, you need to wait for the new card to arrive before you can continue travelling with your iUSEpass.

Can I collect my iUSEpass myki in person?

No, your iUSEpass myki will be posted to you.

I’m having problems uploading my photo to the iUSEpass website.

Check that your photo meets all the requirements. Photos must be passport quality:

  • in colour
  • a closeup of your head and the top of your shoulders
  • looking straight at the camera with both eyes open
  • file size less than 60kB
  • allowed file types JPG or JPEG.

Make sure your image is correct and try uploading again. Email the iUSEpass team if you’re still having problems.

I uploaded the wrong photo to the iUSEpass website. Can I change it?

Yes. Email the iUSEpass team and we’ll help you out.

I can’t find the answer to my question. Who do I contact?

You can contact the iUSEpass team at:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1800 800 007

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