Buying your myki

A full fare myki costs $6 and all concession myki cards (includes concession, seniors and child myki) cost $3.

Where you can buy a myki

You can buy a myki:

Customers are advised to only purchase myki cards from the authorised outlets listed above.

See myki frequently asked questions for more information about why you should only buy a myki from these authorised outlets.

Find your nearest myki retail outlet Find your nearest myki retail outlet

When you buy a myki it has no value on it, so you need to top up before you travel. For more information, see Topping up your myki.

Please note: Allow 7-10 business days for delivery of myki cards ordered either online or when calling 1800 800 007. If you are buying myki online or by calling 1800 800 007, but decide not to register it, you will still need to provide your postal details so the myki can be sent to you. Your details will then be deleted within 30 days of the myki being sent to you.

Register your myki so your balance is protected in case your myki is lost or stolen. When you buy a registered myki online or from the call centre, you can choose to print your name on it. For information about the benefits of registering your myki, see Registering your myki.

Some customers may be eligible for special concession myki cards and free travel passes on Victoria’s public transport network.

Purchasing pre-loaded myki cards on board V/Line services

Pre-loaded myki cards are used specifically by V/Line conductors to sell to customers who board trains without a ticket for travel in the commuter area.

  • Full fare cards cost $30 and includes $24 worth of pre-loaded travel.
  • Concession cards cost $15 and includes $12 worth of pre-loaded travel. Concession myki cards will be sold to seniors and children in this circumstance.

Important note:

Credit cards issued outside Australia will not be accepted to top up or buy myki cards online, or to set up a new auto top up service online.

Credit cards issued outside Australia will still be accepted to top up or buy myki cards at:

  • myki machines at train stations and tram super stops
  • PTV Hubs
  • Metro or V/Line ticket offices, and
  • retail outlets including 7-Elevens.

There will be no impact on Australian-issued credit cards to top up or buy myki cards.

myki cards types

myki card types
Image of full fare myki cards Full Fare
  • Costs $6
  • For people aged 17 years and over with no concession entitlement
  • For all international visitors 17 years and over
Image of concession myki card Concession
  • Costs $3
  • For Victorian Public Transport (VPT) student concession card holders
  • Victorian Healthcare card holders
  • Australian Interstate Seniors
Image of a child myki card Child
  • Costs $3
  • For children aged 4 – 16 years (including interstate and international visitors)
  • No proof of concession is required
Image of a Seniors myki card Seniors
  • Costs $3
  • For Victorian Seniors Card Holders
  • First seniors myki is free when the customer completes a Free Weekend Travel form or applies for a Victorian Seniors card.
Image of the new-look myki card New-look myki

One myki card for all fare types:

  • Full fare
  • Concession
  • Child
  • Seniors

More information on the new-look myki is below.

New-look myki card

In October 2014, PTV began introducing a new-look myki card onto Victoria’s public transport network.

The new-look myki card is dark grey and is part of PTV’s project to provide customers with more options at card vending machines next year.

The new card is used in exactly the same way as current cards, and the same card fees apply.

There is no need to update your current myki to keep using public transport. Green and grey cards will be used on the network for the next four years when the last green cards expire.

New-look myki FAQs

General questions 

Why is PTV introducing a new-look card?

PTV has identified opportunities to minimise operational costs of maintaining distribution of four card types by streamlining cards to a single card design.

Current myki cards contain out-of-date contact information (the phone number and website for myki related enquiries).

Changing to a single card type is the next step towards ongoing improvements to enable more card options at card vending machines.

What is the difference between existing cards and the new-look card?

The new-look card aligns with PTV’s branding, incorporating the PTV logo, a new graphic, and updated myki brand elements.

The new-look card does NOT include existing card identifiers of ‘concession’ or ‘child’ entitlements (i.e. the printed ‘C’ for concession, ‘S’ for senior, and ‘CH’ for child).

The new-look card includes an identification panel which customers may mark or sign in order to identify their myki.

There are no differences in functionality between new-look and existing myki cards.

Will the new-look card cost more than existing cards?

No. The new-look myki card will be subject to the same card fee policy that governs existing card prices.

Although the policy is subject to change, the introduction of the new-look card will not change the policy.

Will the new-look card have any new functionality?

No. The new-look card will operate in exactly the same way as the existing cards.

Customers will be able to touch on, touch off, add myki money or travel on a myki pass just as they always have.

When will the new-look cards be rolled out?

New-look cards will be publically available from early November across the network.

New-look cards will appear at different locations at different times, depending on existing stock levels.

Existing blue/green myki cards will continue to have a four-year expiry period. Any existing cards across the network will remain operational for four years from their time of activation.

By 2018/19 it is expected that existing green cards will have been phased out, and new-look cards will be the only card across the network.

How much have new-look myki cards cost PTV?

Actually, updating to a new-look card will save PTV on administrative costs of maintaining the distribution of four separate myki card types.

Will customers be able to change a grey card from full fare to concession if they become a concession holder, or vice versa, if their entitlement finishes?

No. The system does not allow changes to card entitlements.

Customers who request to change their myki entitlements must purchase a new card with their new entitlements.

Are there any benefits for customers to have a new-look myki card?

No. All the benefits of the new-look myki cards are administrative and operational benefits that do not directly affect the end consumer.

If your current myki is not due to expire, there is no need to get a new-look myki

Did PTV consult the public on the changes to the myki card design?

Yes. PTV consulted a select number of community groups on the design of the new-look myki card, including the Victorian Government's Accessibility Division and Vision Australia.

Can I customise my new-look myki?

You can use the identification panel on the rear of the new-look myki to better distinguish your myki from other mykis.

You cannot customise the design of the myki itself.

Card indicator letters 

My new-look myki card does not have a ‘C’ for concession on it, how do I know my concession entitlement is still valid?

If you are eligible for concession entitlements, your customer service representative will code your myki card to reflect your concession entitlements before handing you the myki card.

The same process applies to those who previously owned myki cards marked ‘S’ (for seniors’) and ‘CH’ (for children’s) myki cards.

You can check if your myki is a concession card at myki machines, staffed ticket office windows, myki retailers, online, PTV Hub or by calling the PTV Call Centre on 1800 800 007.  

My new-look myki card does not have a ‘C’ for concession on it, how will ticket inspectors know I am a concession holder?

Authorised Officers across the public transport network are able to check your myki card for concession entitlements with hand-held devices when conducting checks.

You must still provide concession entitlement documentation from AOs when requested.

My new-look myki card does not have a printed letter on it, how can I tell this is my myki card and not someone else's?

In order to tell your myki card from someone else’s, PTV encourages you to sign, mark or customise the identification panel on the rear of your new-look myki card.

It is not compulsory to sign your myki card. Signing or marking merely helps you to identify your myki from others.