myki pass

If you travel every day, myki pass may be best for you.

You can travel as many times as you like in your chosen zone/s, just choose the number of consecutive myki pass days you need and the zone/s you'll be travelling in.

You can buy a 7-day myki pass, or anywhere between 28 and 365* myki pass days. Once you have touched on to activate your myki pass, your myki pass days will run consecutively, even on days you do not travel. For example, a seven-day myki pass activated on Monday is valid for travel until it expires at 3am on the following Monday.

*When you buy a myki pass for between 325 and 365 days, you only pay for 325 days.

Travelling outside your myki pass zone?

When you travel outside of the zone/s your myki pass is valid in, your myki card will automatically use myki money to pay for the zones not covered by your myki pass. Just top up your myki card with enough myki money to pay for this trip and you’re always ready to travel.

myki pass travel tips

  • To use a myki pass you must have a positive myki money balance. If your balance is below $0, it means a previous trip has not been paid for and you won’t be able to touch on again until you’ve topped up.
  • Your myki pass starts when you first touch on at a myki reader in a zone for which it is valid and there are no other myki passes in use on your myki card. Once activated, your myki pass days will run consecutively, even on days you do not travel.
  • You cannot choose to use myki money if you have a valid myki pass on your card and are travelling in a zone for which it is valid.
  • Your myki card can store two myki passes at a time – one active and one inactive. This means that when your current myki pass is almost expired, you can purchase your next pass so it is ready to activate when you need it.
  • You have to touch on and activate your myki pass within 12 months of purchasing it or it cannot be used. If you do not use the pass, you can request a refund from PTV Hubs, by visiting or by calling 1800 800 007.