Top up a myki

Once you've bought your myki card, you need to top it up to travel. Depending on how often you travel, you can choose to top up with myki Pass or myki Money. Your card isn't locked to either, choose the best for you each time you top up.

myki Money

If you travel occasionally, top up as you go.

Load money onto your card and myki will calculate the lowest fare based on the zones you travel through. Top up with myki Money to access 2 hour and daily fares.

For more information, see myki Money.

myki Pass

If you travel often, top up with consecutive days.

Choose the zones you want to travel in and the number of consecutive travel days you need. You may be able to buy a discounted yearly myki Pass through your organisation's Commuter Club.

For more information, see myki Pass.

myki Money vs myki Pass

Use the calculator on the metropolitan fares page to see if myki Money or myki Pass is best for you.

Where can I top up?

Top up online or by calling 1800 800 007Please allow around 90 minutes for online top ups. Credit cards issued outside Australia cannot be used to top up or buy myki cards online, or to set Auto Top Up online.

Top up your myki in person:

  • Around 800 shops including all 7-Eleven stores and anywhere you see the myki sign
  • ticket office window at premium stations
  • myki machines at all metropolitan train stations, all V/Line commuter service train stations, selected tram stops and bus interchanges
  • PTV Hubs
  • on board buses
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