myki Money

If you travel occasionally, top up as you go. 

Load money onto your card and myki will automatically calculate the lowest fare based on the zones you travel in. Your first journey of the day will create a 2 hour fare. If you continue to travel after your 2 hour fare expires, a daily cap applies.

When using myki Money, you should have enough value on your myki to pay for your entire journey. See Metropolitan fares for fare prices. If your myki Money balance falls below zero you won't be able to touch on and won't have a valid ticket for your trip, even if you have an active myki Pass.

Set up Auto Top Up for myki Money so you never need to remember to top up again.

Fare types

2 hour

Your first touch on of the day will expire exactly 2 hours after your first touch on, when travelling through two zones or less. If your first touch on is after 6pm, you can travel until 3am the next morning and only pay a 2 hour fare.

The 2 hour fare is extended for travelling across 3 or more zones to give you extra time to complete your journey. We call this a 2+ hour fare.

Time allowed for a 2 hour fare
Number of zones travelled throughTime 2 hour fare is valid for
1 to 2 2 hours
3 to 5 2.5 hours (2+ hour fare)
6 to 8 3 hours (2+ hour fare)
9 to 11 3.5 hours (2+ hour fare)
12 to 13 4 hours (2+ hour fare)

Long journeys

In some cases, a single train journey may exceed the time allowed for a ticket. This can happen when transferring between services. If you expect your journey will exceed 2 hours, exit the barriers when you change (touch off) and re-enter (touch on) before boarding your connecting service. This will reset the fare expiry and allow you more time to complete your journey.

Forgot to touch off?

If you use myki Money and don't touch off, you'll be charged a default fare for the maximum travel distance possible from your touch on location.

Daily cap

A daily cap is the maximum you'll pay for unlimited journeys within a day. The daily cap is the same as two 2 hour fares for the zone/s in which you travel.

Weekends and public holidays

You'll pay no more than $6.30 per day ($3.15 per day for concession) for unlimited travel in Zone 1+2.

Seniors daily cap and free weekend travel

For more information about travelling with a Seniors myki card, see Seniors.

Change of mind

If you touch on at a train station and then decide not to travel, touch off within 15 minutes and you won't be charged. There's no change of mind period on trams or buses.

Travel benefits

For information on discounted and Early Bird fares, see Travel benefits.